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Owl Post: Severus Snape - Il Mago
Owl Post: Severus Snape

I see from your latest owl to me that yet another creature of undetermined origin has crawled up your nether regions and died. Just what is it about my bloody hair that causes you to seize upon it at any available opportunity and use it to insult me?

My choice of Chittock as an appropriate curator for the Museum of the Dark Arts had nothing to do with how my tresses are or are not laced, and everything to do with his reputation as an antiquities collector and steward of the LaFarges collection in Oxford. He was a sound choice given the information I had at the time, and if I have learned some rather startling details since then, it is hardly my fault that His Lupine Excellency, Minister Knightley chose to accept the recommendation without checking Mr. Chittock's current references.

Speaking of the Museum, an expert on the use of potions as an adjunct to the development of magical weaponry will be speaking at Theatric Hall in Diagon this coming Saturday. I thought you might attend and report, as there may be much of use in our research with the Blood Axe artefacts. I have a prior engagement, and in any case you know my attitude toward your particular branch of magic. You would glean far more from the presentation than I. There is a reception following the talk, so you would have the opportunity to question Mr. Perrydale at your leisure.

Do let me know if you shall be able to attend, and if your reply can avoid referencing my tonsorial attributes, so much the better.