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Owl Post: Draco Malfoy - Il Mago
Owl Post: Draco Malfoy
Dear Draco,

While I am sure you have been enjoying the brief respite from our search for your future wife, I believe it would be best for all concerned if we returned to our list and began anew. The failure with Miss Garde was regrettable to say the least, but I am certain you will not allow such a thing to happen a second time.

Upon reflection, I think Miss St. Clare is the most suitable of our remaining candidates, and I have contacted her mother with an invitation to dinner on the weekend following this one. I trust you will make yourself available, but if for some reason that is impossible, let me know as soon as you can.

It need hardly be said that Severus is not invited. I have no wish, however, to cause him undue distress, so if you require any assistance in arranging a suitable distraction I will be pleased to provide it. Perhaps we could induce the wolf to take him out for a drink, or bribe one of his colleagues to offer an impromptu workshop on some poison or other. I shall leave you to decide what is suitable.

Fond regards,