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Il Mago
My dear Miss Lovegood,

It has been some time since we corresponded, and yet I cannot believe so able a businesswoman as yourself could have let one of her benefactors slip her mind entirely. Therefore, I am at a loss to explain the recent article in your publication regarding my family's bloodlines.

I do understand that the Quibbler relies to some degree on sensationalism to keep the sales figures high, but I will not be a part of such antics when they are at the expense of my family's reputation.

What is done can be undone, Miss Lovegood. I suggest that you attempt to make this matter right.

Lucius Malfoy
I suppose I do not have to tell you how very disappointed I am at the way matters stand with Portia Garde. Have you contacted her with any attempt to repair the situation? I had thought to write myself, but as you have been doing such an admirable job with the negotiations, I wished to give you the first opportunity to do so.

I also want to talk to you about Severus. It cannot be a surprise to you that I am furious with him at the moment. I will not stand idly by and see him sabotage the plans we have made and the promises you have given to me. I am not to be cut out of this decision.
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It has taken me nearly a full twenty-four hours to find the composure to sit at my desk and pen this letter. Severus, what the fuck have you done? Who the fuck do you think you are? Portia Garde was truly an exceptional candidate for Draco's wife, and you have managed, in a single afternoon, to drive her away. And over what? A lock or two of that lank black shambles that serves you for hair? Are you truly so vain? For the life of me I cannot imagine why.

She has the bloodlines, the connections, the money, and she was willing to tolerate the idiocy you and Draco were likely to put her through. And more than that, Draco liked her. Does that mean nothing to you? He enjoyed her company. She would have been something more than a trial and a burden to him, could have made what you are perfectly aware is a distasteful thing to him far less so.

Or was that what bothered you? Are you so very insecure, even now? Did Draco's faint interest in another person frighten you so that you were forced to drive her away in the most mortifying and insulting way imaginable? You are pathetic, Severus. I regret with everything I possess that I stood up for you and Draco in front of your family in that farcical ritual. This is how I am repaid?

Despite all assurances, you seem determined to prevent Draco from fulfilling his family obligations in a manner befitting a Malfoy. I will see the next Malfoy heir born, Severus, with your cooperation or without it. Take your pick.
Dear Draco,

It was a pleasure to see you and Severus last week, though of course his presence did make it a trifle more difficult to discuss the pressing subject on both of our agendas at the moment.

How are things progressing with Miss Garde? I have stayed rather in the background on the matter as you seem to be handling it all very well yourself, but as the weeks go by I do look to hear that an engagement is imminent, if not actually in place as yet. You must know with what approval I look upon Miss Garde. She has not only those most desirable qualities of fortune and beauty, but her taste, so far as I have been able to judge, is also excellent.

I cannot count it as a disadvantage, either, that our esteemed Minister must find the prospect of your marriage a somewhat discomfiting one. No, I wholeheartedly approve of your choice, and would only like to know that the situation is resolved, or soon to be so.

My fondest regards,
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Sarah. I refuse to hunt through every room in the villa to discover you. The only answers I am receiving from the house elves regarding your whereabouts are such things as "in her room"--which I've found out for myself does not mean your workroom--and "in the other wing". Are they bringing you the notes I've sent, or simply tossing the things into the fire? I'm tempted to start pulling the limbs off the wizened little bastards.

Your appointment is at three o'clock. I shall expect you here in the parlour before then.
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Marcellus, what in blazes have you done with yourself? The wolf owled me and said you'd missed work. You do realise that you were given this post upon my recommendation?

He was asking after your family. Do you think there is any cause for concern?
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I shall attempt to contact Mr. Dolohov immediately. I hope you have not yet called in the aurors; his family would take it quite amiss. His mother is also named Dolohov, and resides, so far as I am aware, in St. Petersburg in Russia.

If you require any further assistance, or if you should hear from him before I do, let me know post-haste.

Other than our mutual friend's odd behavior, how are matters proceeding at the Museum? Surely things have settled down a bit since the hysteria of the opening weeks. I shall have to pay a visit soon to see how you are getting on.

Lucius Malfoy
This is becoming quite a habit, is it not? It's almost reassuring in its familiarity. Here I am, in the library, drink in hand, having not seen you all day. And there you are, sulking in your workroom over something you don't care to simply talk about.

The only difference being that I've never seen you quite so testy with either my son or with Snape as you were during our visit this weekend. I suppose I can take comfort from the fact that it isn't only me with whom you're in a mood.

This is where I ask what the matter is, and when you're coming out.
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Dear Draco,

There has been a great deal going on of late but now that matters seem to be settling down I think we ought to pursue the course we had been discussing regarding finding you an appropriate bride. Sarah tells me that your next two weekends are occupied, between our visit and that of Snape's family, but we could arrange a dinner party with Portia Garde for the weekend following.

I don't wish to delay much longer than that. As you well know, the entire business has been put off far too long for my taste. There were, of course, extenuating circumstances which were hardly within our control, but let us move forward with all due haste now that we are able.

I hope you are well, and I shall look forward to seeing you this weekend and discussing the particulars of Miss Garde's visit.

My fondest regards,
After dinner drinks are more pleasant shared. They are also typically enjoyed after dinner, and while if pressed I will admit that the letter of the law has been satisfied in this case, it is several hours after dinner now and I have been waiting longer than I would like for you to finish down there and join me.

What are you doing, anyway? It can't be more important than spending the rest of the evening with me. Come back up. There's a glass waiting for you. Among other things.
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