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Owl Post: Ceara Cauldwell - Il Mago
Owl Post: Ceara Cauldwell

As it happens, your information is quite correct. Sarah and I plan to visit the healer tomorrow afternoon. Since you indicate that you can easily obtain the results of the examination through "other channels", whatever those may be, then I shall not trouble you with a report myself. In any case, as we followed much of your sage--if distressingly detailed--advice regarding the conception of a girl, I estimate that we have at least a one in two chance that Sarah is bearing a daughter.

Never let it be said that I have no respect for the wisdom you have gathered throughout your long life, Ceara.

Sarah and I plan to arrive at Nead next Sunday afternoon. A pressing family engagement will keep me on this side of the Atlantic until then, but we will spend Samhain as your guests. If Sarah is in less than perfect temper during our visit, then we can blame it upon her ridiculous assertion that a text upon healthy pregnancy is somehow a less desirable gift than a fine fur and cashmere cloak.

I must commend you on the excellence of your tailors, by the way. The cloak fits perfectly and looks stunning, if I say so myself.

Fond regards,
Lucius Malfoy